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5600 W. Colonial Dr.
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Venom Mantis Electric Heli RTF
The kit includes the Venom Mantis, 2 Channel transmitter, 7.2V 300 mAH NiMH Battery Pack and Wall Charger.
Venom Micro Rescue Helicopter
The 7 inch Venom Micro Rescue Helicopter is perfect for flying indoors or in tight places for up to 6 minutes on a single charge.
HobbyZone Ready-To-Fly Millennium Flying Man
Is it a helicopter? Is it a robot? No, it’s the Millennium PTU! You’ve never seen anything like this before, a futuristic rotary powered Personal Transport Unit (PTU) that can be flown just about anywhere.
Millennium NTU RTF
Tremendously small and lightweight, the News Team Unit (NTU) skillfully maneuvers through even the tightest spaces, utilizing a sophisticated feedback flight control system to maintain stability.
Firebird Phantom RTF Electric
Equipped with HobbyZone’s revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™) for added safety and security, the Firebird Phantom is the ultimate plane if you have never flown before.
Firebird Commander 2 RTF
Optical sensors detect the ground and sky, and then give input that pulls the plane out of a spiral dive that could lead to a crash. One-box purchase—everything needed to fly comes in the box, including batteries.
1/18 Mini-T Stadium Truck RTR
The Mini-T is completely ready to run and includes a painted body with stickers already applied. Just drop four AA alkaline batteries into the truck and eight into the transmitter, and you're off.
1/36 Micro-Desert Truck RTR
Packed with an NiMH battery, independent suspension, differential-equipped transmission and 27MHz Losi AM radio system, the Micro-Desert Truck has the speed and handling to tackle nearly everything you can throw at it.
Megatech Avion IO Bi-Plane
The Avion-IO Airplane also includes a 2 channel transmitter/charger, charging cord, landing gear, LiPo battery flight pack and recharges directly from the built in peak detection fast charger in the transmitter.
FlyZone SkyFly II Electric RTF
A 1,000 foot flying range takes the 42” span SkyFly 2 higher than ever before, and a hobby-quality Tactic 3-channel FM radio provides the superior control you need. It’s available on multiple frequencies, so you and a friend (or two…or three!) can fly simultaneously!
Avion Indoor Electric 7.5"
Advanced Micro and Spectra-link Optic-Control™ Technology. Up to 15 minutes or more of flight time on a single charge.
Evader 1:10 Scale RTR Electric Stadium Truck
The Evader has been designed with the beginner in mind, but with the racer at heart. It combines RTR convenience with A-Main features found on most competitive racing vehicles....including complete ball bearings, slipper clutch, steel universal driveshafts, ball differential and steel turnbuckles.
1/36 Micro-T Stadium Truck RTR
The Micro-T is the smallest RTR that Losi has ever offered, coming in at just under 5 inches long. It's packed with an NiMH battery pack, independent suspension, differential equipped transmission, automatic peak charger and 27MHz AM Losi radio system.
Revell RPMZs
Digital proportional steering for the best handling and control. Steering and acceleration trim -- lets you modify handling before or even during the race! Make your car do donuts! Hobby-class electronics reduce frequency drift; provide greater range over 100 feet.
Aquacraft Reef Racer 2 RTR Boat
The super-quick vee-hull Reef Racer 2 comes complete and ready to run, with a durable hull and prepainted hatch, with factory-applied decals — there's even a painted driver figure! The Reef Racer 2 offers quick response and "turn-on-a-dime" handling — even at top speeds.
Zig Zag Racer 2 RTR
A Ready-To-Run, one box purchase. Race against the clock as you slash and dash through a slalom course or take on up to five other Zig Zag Racers in a waterborne grand prix. Included with every boat are three self-anchoring buoys, so you can create the Zig Zag racecourse of your dreams.
We Are Located Less Then 20 Minutes From All Of The Major Theme Parks
5600 W. COLONIAL DR. #103 ORLANDO, FL. 32808
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